BURST - Urban Gardening

Burst is my senior project that I one day hope to make real. It is an urban garden shop teaching people in the city how to garden with the time and space they have.

BURST is a fictional urban garden shop located in large cities such as Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, San Fransico etc. Their mission is to teach people how to garden with the time and space that they have. Urban gardening doesn't always look traditional, you can make a garden out of anything! Any old junk you are about to throw away we will help you grow in it. Burst also offers garden nurses who will come visit you and your troubled garden to help you nurse it back to health. This is a fictional project for my senior year but with an amazing mission! One day I would love to make it real.
These are the bright colors of Burst that help break the concrete mold of the city by bursting with growth and color.
Uniform - Our staff consists of Urban Gardenites of all levels who can assist you, tell real stories and who would love to help you with your urban garden.
Garden Nurse Uniform - Issues with your garden? They will hop on their bike and come to you!
Reusable Bags - Purchase a grow kit or just the reusable bag that's easy to travel around the city with. Every time you come in with your bag receive 10% off your purchase!
GROWSPACE App - Burst is aware that most people in the city lead busy lives and most have technology at their fingertips. We have created an app in which you can take a picture of the space you would like to grow your garden, answer a few simple questions and we will narrow the plants that are most likely to survive in the conditions provided. Build it on your phone! Bring in the saved photo and visit our How-to-Grow station, we will create a customized kit for you and download instructions right to your phone!
Direct Mail - Burst has several veggiegrow garden plots throughout the city to grow fruits and vegetables. These plots are provided on an income basis. We want to help those living in the inner city by giving them an affordable place to grow their own fresh organic food, get involved with their neighbors and take care of all the responsibilites of the community garden.
Stay tuned there is a web page and email soon to come!
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